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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 17, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. and new this morning, breaking details on an alleged midwest car bomber. an 18-year-old under arrest, charged with trying to detonate a jeep cherokee in front of this packed chicago bar in a homegrown terror plot. the inside story from the bar owner right now. gas prices spike overnight. a new high at the pump right at the time of the year prices usually plunge. fueled by refinery shutdowns and vicious weather and new tensions overseas. prices now a quarter higher than a year ago. also breaking this morning, an italian magazine prints 26 more pages of a topless kate middleton, as the royal couple's lawyers ready for court today. saying they want a criminal case for invasion of privacy. and the astonishing video
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going wildly viral. shocking pictures just released of an 18-month-old girl playing with a 300-pound gorilla. and her father put her there. why he says he did it. now father and daughter joining us live this morning. and a good monday morning to all of you. happy monday. george off today. robin is away on her medical leave. we've got the blonde back with us to my right. and elizabeth vargas is here as well. >> the blonde? >> hello. >> wait do you mean amy or lara? >> yeah, all of them. we have some deadly attacks to get to over the weekend. one overseas. one of the bases where prince harry was stationed over this weekend was subject to violence. he was ready to fight back
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before being whisked away. is his safety in danger? that's a question we ask. >> lots of other royal stuff. also, the latest on the campaign trail. signs that mitt romney is feeling the heat right now. a lot of finger-pointing going on. new details emerging about what really happened with his big speech at the convention. turns out there were not one, not two, but three versions of the speech before they decided what he was going to say. also, pandemonium, ding, ding, ding -- a big morning at the national zoo. ♪ i need you, oh, how i need you ♪ a female giant panda giving birth to a cub overnight. >> are we showing it? what are we showing? >> there's happy little baby panda with mom in there. we're going to talk to the zoo live. >> it looks really grassy. >> they're only this big. we'll show you what you were seeing in a little bit. all right. we'll get right now to new details meanwhile on an alleged plot of homegrown terror. a teen accused of trying to detonate a car bomb outside a downtown chicago bar over the weekend.
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this morning, the bar owner is speaking now. for the latest, we turn to alex perez, outside of that bar in chicago. good morning to you, alex. >> reporter: good morning, josh, it's actually a liquor store and the bar. this is the place believed to be the target. this is a busy intersection, popular with stockbrokers. hundreds could have easily been hurt. authorities say 18-year-old adel daoud had one thing in mind. killing americans. his target, according to investigators, a packed bar in downtown chicago friday night. the fbi hasn't named the bar but overnight, the owner of cal's bar and liquors told abc news he believes his bar was the target. it matches the description in the affidavit. authorities say daoud drove a jeep chair -- cherokey, parked it in front, and walked away.
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he didn't know the bomb was a fake. provided to him by undercover fbi agents. the bar's owner says approximately 15 undercover agents wearing ear pieces, surrounded the bar, arresting daoud on the spot. neighbors around daoud's suburban chicago home stunned at the allegations. according to the affidavit, undercover agents posing as radicals first started exchanging messages with daoud in may. court documents show daoud had allegedly been sharing information online about killing americans in a terrorist attack since october. in the criminal complaint, investigators say daoud made several postings on an internet forum. i hate the oppression of the usa and i'd like to do something to hurt it from the inside, he allegedly wrote. >> islamic extremists believe if you're not part of their philosophy, then you are against them. and so they typically will pick targets where they believe nonbelievers would be. >> reporter: after casing several locations, according to court papers, daoud found that target. came up with the perfect place, daoud allegedly told the undercover agent. it's a bar, it's a liquor store,
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it's a concert all in one bundle. would be filled with the evillest people. now, the owner said he had live music and a packed house here friday night. daoud is due in federal court in chicago later today. elizabeth? >> all right, alex. thank you so much. overseas to where it's been a violent few days in afghanistan. six u.s. soldiers killed there this weekend in two separate attacks. one by the taliban at the same base where prince harry was deployed. is he a target? is his very public deployment putting other lives in danger? muhammad lila is in kabul with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. anti-riot police have been out here in full force today after a series of protests here turned violent. as for the prince, he's still on his base, just days after the taliban nearly got to him. hundreds of protesters swept through the city.
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anti-american fever on full display. just days after the taliban pulled off what many thought was impossible. they stormed camp bastion, a sprawling 20 square mile quon crete fortress. their target? an airfield where prince harry's apache helicopter was parked. the prince, only ami mile away, reportedly wanted to fight. the british police whisked him away the moment the attack happened. >> the taliban were able to execute the attack in quite a professional manner. they were able do reconnaissance posing as farmers watching how the marines worked on base, where they worked. >> reporter: using weapons they reportedly buried nearby, 15 taliban fighters disguised in american uniforms blew a hole through the outer wall. storming inside with automatic rifles, suicide vests and grenade launchers. under the cover of darkness, the firefight lasted for hours. leaving to u.s. marines dead and
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nine coalition personnel wounded. >> you had 15 essential suicide attackers roaming individually on the base. firing up. blowing things up. >> reporter: by the time the smoke had cleared, insurgents had damaged or destroyed at least eight harrier jets worth at least $20 million each, three refueling stations and six aircraft hangars. now, guys, here's the dilemma moving forward. if the british pulled the prince out, the way they did the last time he was here, the taliban will claim it as a victory. and if they leave the prince deployed it will continue to put himself and those around him at greater risks. elizabeth? >> i'm sure the last thing prince harry would want to do is to put himself or any fellow soldiers in danger. more on that as it develops. in the meantime, amy robach is here. you have the latest in the teachers strike in chicago. >> i do. it looks like both sides were close to a deal but not so.
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the union says it needs more time to review the contract offer. so this morning, mayor rahm emmanuel is threatening legal act to get the teachers back to work. gas prices rising another five cents in the last week. the national average for gas is now $3.87 per gallon. that is 16 cents higher than last month. this rare september spike in prices is being blamed on tensions in the middle east, hurricane isaac, and the partial shutdown of oil refineries for upgrades. and president obama is trying to take on china, claiming the chinese are playing unfair and stealing american jobs. today in ohio, the president is expected to announce a new trade enforcement case with the world trade organization claiming china's export subsidies on cars and car parts create an unfair advantage. mitt romney has long criticized the president for being weak on china. and could china and japan be headed for war? leon panetta says that could be the result if both nations keep up their provocative behavior.
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protests erupted in china on sunday with protesters storming a japanese department store. the two are fighting over who controls islands in the south china sea. and beautiful images from nasa this morning of the soyuz space capsule carrying an american astronaut and two russian colleagues returning to earth. they spent 123 days at the international space station. the capsule is the only transportation now that the shuttle program has ended. and finally referee brian stropolo was set to referee on sunday at the saints-panthers game as a side judge. that is, until league officials learned he's not exactly neutral. he's an unabashed saints fan whose facebook page shows him fully clad in saints gear. at a preseason tailgate. the league pulled him. guess what? we don't think he's going to be back there on the field. facebook people, hello, it gets you in trouble all the time. zbler zblerve.
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>> everybody can see it. >> we all can see it. >> on the other hand, he knows the team very well. we'll turn to the race for the white house. new reports of growing tensions in mitt romney's campaign. he's had mixed reviews since his speech given at the republican national convention in tampa. this morning, new details on the pressure to turn things around. it's "your voice, your vote." 50 days to go now. abc's david muir joins us with the very latest. and good morning to you, david. >> 50 days to go, who's counting right? this morning, the romney campaign feeling the heat. we have reported here on criticism from fellow republicans asking, with an economy this bad, why on earth isn't romney ahead? now reports of finger-pointing within the campaign, tensions over the big speech for romney at the convention. many speechwriters involved, many drafts thrown out and something important left out. >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states! >> reporter: overnight, abc news confirming reports by politico that there were several versions of romney's primetime speech. several writers asked to help craft it, but that their work was largely unused. and in the end, it was governor
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romney and one of his closest advisers, stu stevens, who wrote the version romney delivered. afghanistan reportedly in one of the earlier drafts left out. overnight, that adviser stu stevens telling me speeches go through a lot of editing. and asked if he would put afghanistan back in the speech if he had a do-over, i don't think that way. i just don't think it would matter one vote. he also spoke of clint eastwood's moment. and with this defining moment in the convention, stevens said it was powerful to have eastwood. perhaps, one of the biggest hurdles still facing romney is the likability. "saturday night live" opening sketch. >> our campaign has a secret weapon. and that secret weapon is speaking right now in tulsa, oklahoma. >> hello, i'm mitt romney. [ laughter ] and i understand the hardships facing ordinary americans. for example, this summer, one of my horses failed to medal at the olympics, so i know hardship.
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>> reporter: the campaign is working to improve mr. romney's likability. with appearance like this with "live with kelly and michael." >> what does mitt wear to bed? >> really? really? >> i didn't write the question, man. i promise, i didn't write the question. >> yes, he did. >> i think the best answer is as little as possible. >> not the easiest question to answer. that appearance is on "live with kelly and michael" tuesday. the president's bounce, they say, is not holding, the daily track has it up by seven points now up by three. the romney campaign knows it has its own numbers to turn around. >> because it has 50 days to go. we've got much more on hollywood later. clint eastwood, of course, gave a memorable speech at the republican national convention. we'll have more on that controversial speech. now, to the royal couple in the middle of a blockbuster tour in asia. an overwhelming reception in the solomon islands today. all this as an italian magazine
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is the latest to print the topless photos of kate. palace lawyers are heading to court in france today to stop them from spreading any further. abc's dan harris joins us more with this ongoing -- we're now talking three publications in three countries. >> yes, it is spreading. and they're trying to stop that. and in so doing, they're taking a very rare and extraordinarily aggressive legal stance here. the royals are taking, and this is a reflection of their outrage, they're not only launching a civil lawsuit, but they're also now pushing for criminal charges. hours from now, will and kate's lawyers will try to convince french prosecutors to pursue criminal charges for breach of privacy or trespassing. prince william reportedly saying sunday he wants the photographer responsible for the topless shots of the duchess sunbathing at this private villa in southern france in jail. the royal team is also trying to get an injunction blocking the release of any more of the photos by the french magazine's parent company, owned by former
7:14 am
prime minister of italy silvio berlusconi. >> i think the fact that they've had such a speedy response really speaks volumes about how passionately william feels about putting an end to this type of gutter journalism. >> reporter: but the legal royal flush could not stop the release of even more pictures today. a 26-page spread hitting italian new stands in a sister magazine. with the title -- court scandal, the queen is nude. on twitter, the editor of that italian magazine said not even a direct call from the queen could stop him. even though the duke and duchess appear to be sticking with the royal motto of keep calm and carry on during their diamond jubilee tour, overnight, william did show exasperation with photographers. >> quickly. >> reporter: abc's bob woodruff is traveling with will and kate. >> reporter: while the scandal is certainly still boiling, you can see them traveling village
7:15 am
to village, street to street, to talk to the people on this tour for the queen. what is exactly going through their mind i don't think we'll ever know. >> i think william, he's looking to the future. he has said it's absolutely his number one concern to prevent a similar fate that diana experienced happening to kate. >> one more note on that italian magazine running the 26 pages of pictures today. this is the same magazine that published pictures of princess diana dying in that tunnel in paris after that car crash with the high-speed chase with the paparazzi. >> again, the echoes of princess diana front and center. thanks, dan. let's bring in our legal analyst dan abrams. dan, we already know one magazine has published the photos. another one is set to do so today. what is the palace hoping to do in the civil and criminal lawsuits? >> well, they're hoping to send a message. a clear one. >> for the future? >> that's right. these magazines when they publish something like this,
7:16 am
incorporate into the price of doing business the fines that they likely will have to pay. they know in all likelihood, a court is going to rule that they've violated the law, technically. and that they are going to have to pay. and i think what the royals are trying to do here is say, it's time to expand the amount they're going to pay, if they're going to engage in this kind of business. meaning, cost of doing business, they accept that. the cost of doing this business is going to be higher. >> in the meantime, it's worth noting that the italian magazine that is going to print the spread on kate today is owned by or published by silvio berlusconi who used italian laws to block photos of himself. >> the former prime minister that used italian laws in 2009 to block photos from his party in sardinia is now saying, well, wait, we should be able to publish these photos. the irony is rich. >> it is rich indeed. the palace lawyers in court today on both civil and criminal complaints -- >> and seeking an injunction, too. which makes it tough since it's
7:17 am
already out there. >> all right, dan. keep us posted. josh? all right, now, to the national zoo, the staff there making room for one more, after the female panda there gave birth to a cub late last night. the national zoo's chief v veterinarian, dr. suzanne murray, joins us with more. thank you for joining us. congratulations, i understand we've seen the cub, so how are mother and baby doing this morning? >> mother and cub are doing great. we've only had one quick glimpse of the cub. but he -- he or she is really loud. >> that's normal to actually not glimpse the cub. mom has built a nest deep within her den? >> that's exactly right. she has a huge nest of bamboo so it's normal not to see the cub. we rely a lot on the sound, we like to hear a little squawking. and we're hearing a lot of squawking. >> this is mei xiang. this is her second cub. the first born in 2005.
7:18 am
there were many pseudopregnancies in between. how is mom doing again with the second live birth? >> mom is doing great. she's definitely the poster child for the perfect panda mom. she keeps trying to doze because she's tired. the minute that cub squawks, her head perks right on up. she cradles it. and cuddles it. she's just perfect. >> dr. murray, obviously, anticipation at the zoo must have been building for weeks and months. what's it like to finally have the cub with us? >> we are so excited here. to have this cub. pandas are such good ambassadors for conservation. they highlight all that we do at the zoo. everybody is thrilled. we're thrilled nationally, globally. it's a nice image of the partnership that we have with our chinese colleagues. >> again, we can view it all on the panda cam at the national zoo. dr. suzanne murray. our best. mazel tov. to mother and as yet unnamed cub. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> all right, time now for a look at the weather.
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>> pseudopregnancies? >> well, that's the technical term. i'm sorry. we want to welcome to the program, a new weather anchor, sam champion. >> exactly. >> sam champion, welcome. say hello to the "gma" audience. >> just back from my investigative report. california is, indeed, a sunny and warm state. let's show you where all the rain is going on to the deep south here. this starts to spread north and we're looking basically into the mid-south and also the eastern coast. this will be very heavy rain. arkansas already started, tennessee, as well as western kentucky. we're looking at some places 3 1/2 to 4 inches of rain. six states have flood watches. speaking of the west coast, who did? i did. l.a. at 81 degrees. san diego at 76. san francisco, 63. cooler with fog on the coast. still the big warm numbers inland, that goes all the way to the northwest.
7:20 am
coming up, the astonishing
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video of a 300-pound gorilla with an 18-month-old girl. father and daughter are here live next. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university, we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone's ready with the know how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪
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walmart. the not so pretty truth about their body washes. i wouldn't change. [ female announcer ] this test paper was designed to react like your skin. if other body washes can strip this paper, imagine how harsh they can be to your skin. oh my gosh. [ female announcer ] new dove is different. its new breakthrough formula changes everything with the blend of gentle cleansers and nourishing nutrium moisture. so what do you think now? definitely switching to dove. [ female announcer ] this is new. this is different. this is care. good morning i'm kristen sze. this morning beechwood school in menlo park will reopen after a fire last week. we brought it to you first thursday morning many flames erupted at the school destroying administrative offices and classroom.
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the fire department says the cause was a faulty kitchen appliance. many records were in salvageable condition. >> sue hall with your commute. >> tough at the bay bridge live shot of 80 through berkeley, bumper-to-bumper, 580 approach 880 all slow all accidents at up clean gone traffic jammed to the bay bridge toll, delays the rest of the morning. san mateo bridge good alternate golden gate bridge also south and northbound 880 past tennison that accident jut cleared so past the scene overturn westbound 580 at 68 they have to stop all lanes to clear it when the tow truck arrives. -- >> looks cloudy we'll check in with
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>> welcome back. mainly cloudy flight arrival delays into sfo about an hour or so. napa 48, 50s along the coast, 70s and 80s
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take a look at that. stunning video. just released. we've been watching it all morning. you can't look away. an 18-month-old little girl having the time of her young life with a 300-pound gorilla. the little girl's father, actually, is the one who put them together. she's all grown up now. and she and her father will be joining us live here in the studio in just a moment. to discuss it all. a fascinating thing to discuss as we bid you all a very good morning, america. george is off, and robin is on medical leave. delighted to have elizabeth vargas here with us. >> it's just amazing watch. he's eating. she's sitting right there. >> they're all part of one big
7:31 am
family. it all makes sense. and that bizarre twist in that nationally famous case called "the fatal vision" case. 30 years after he was convicted of murder, there are new questions about where an army doctor really committed murder, killing his wife and two young daughters. he and his lawyers will be back in court today with dna evidence. there was no dna evidence when he was convicted. >> remember that movie? >> it was huge. also, brand-new on the show today, brand-new pictures of katie holmes and little suri. could life be getting back to normal for the world's most famous 6-year-old? we sure hope so. we'll explain what these pictures are all about. also, we're going to have "the play of the day." you're actually going to hear what happened when this young girl stepped up to a karaoke mike in a grocery store. >> i'm guessing she killed it. >> or it goes very terribly, but i'm guessing --
7:32 am
>> it better go well. first, though, we want to get right to that video we just saw. this toddler playing. ly wi-- happily with a 300-pound gorilla, raising new questions this morning about parenting and the perception of those giant primate. first, here's their story. ♪ >> reporter: it's a stunning image, tansy aspinall, just 18 months old, playing with a 300-pound gorilla. what's more, she didn't get in the enclosure by accident, her dad, damian, a gorilla expert, placed her there. >> basically our whole lives we have been nurturing a friendship with these animals. >> reporter: the video was shot over 20 years ago. and damian hopes the video showing the softer side of these animals will help to raise money. the question is, is this safe? >> you've got be very careful. these are wild animals.
7:33 am
the word unpredictable is a word you can use for it. >> reporter: jack hanna says in most cases, no. but he takes into consideration the aspinall's history with gorilla, including the grandfather, john. >> the key is, he and his son being raised with them, were accepted as part of that family structure. that's very rare. king kong didn't do much for the reputation of the gorilla. the gorilla is not a dangerous animal. they're a gentle giant. >> reporter: still, attacks can happen. >> there is a gorilla on the loose and it's going after people. >> reporter: in 2004, a gorilla escaped at the dallas zoo, shaking and biting a 3-year-old, leaving him with a collapsed lung. so could this video spark a backlash. critics took aim at the late steve irwin, when he fed a 12-foot crocodile while holding his child. and damian aspinall says fear of
7:34 am
criticism kept him from releasing this tape earlier. one that he hopes will spark support for these majestic creatures even if it startles parents. we're joined by the former toddler in that video, tansy aspinall and her father damian, on satellite from london. damian, i want to get right to you. something when you glimpse it, it seems certainly outside the norm. but for you, this was very normal. why did you let your daughter at that tender age of 18 months, play with that gorilla? >> because i could see that there's was an acceptance here. the reality is i was brought up with gorillas and my family was brought up with gorillas as was said earlier, if you're brought up with gorillas and you're part of the family group it's not risky at all. i understand how some would find it hard to believe, but it just isn't. these animals are very, very gentle animals. and the whole point of this is that people can see this. and if people want to help gorillas, this is a great opportunity to get behind the aspinall foundation and perhaps
7:35 am
help support our work in raising gorillas and getting them back to the wild and looking after them in the wild. >> looking at that video, tansy, it's really beautiful to see those moments. what do you remember? >> i don't remember specifically the video. but i definitely remember going in with the animals and loving being around them. it was like playing with another grandpa or sister. >> so this was a part of your life? >> yeah, oh, my god, completely. on the weekend, we would go in and play with them. it would be a real highlight for the weekend. >> your father mentioned it was part of the family structure. did you ever sense, gorilla to gorilla, did you ever sense when they were having bad days, good days? a sense of their moods and personalities. >> oh, yeah. i think the most important thing to remember about gorillas, they're exactly like humans. there's some much more kind and
7:36 am
gentle than others, which are the ones that we go in with. and they're happy and then angry. >> do you ever remember any overaggression? do you ever remember being frightened? >> never. my dad would never put me in with an aggressive gorilla. >> damian, there was actually conversation that you would have. there were hand signals to speak to your extended family members? >> there's a lot of communication. it's well known that gorillas have a number of vocalizations. communicating is vocalizing, a lot of hand movements and body movements. i know exactly what's happening in the family structure when i'm in with the gorillas. i do this every week. you can tell straight away if they're not happy. >> interestingly now, damian, you now have an 8-year-old daughter. you make the choice to not let her play are the gorillas, why not? >> well, i would. i would have to hesitation at all. the political landscape has changed, the health and safety laws have changed in the last 15
7:37 am
years. they make it very, very difficult. if it was down to me, i wouldn't hesitate at all. i think she's actually being -- sorry? >> i just want to ask, tansy, again, the way you grew up, the way your father grew up, if you have a child, will they play with gorillas given the opportunity? >> i'm only 22, so kids are quite a long way away for me. i'm not sure i want to think about that. but i'd love my gorilla -- my children to have the same bond with gorillas that i do. >> and damian, you mentioned the aspinall foundation. you released this tape now to bring attention to the work that you're doing. what is the work and why so important? >> well, we do a number of things in conservation. but one of the most important projects is we're the number one breeder of gorillas in captivity in the world. we bred over 130 gorillas. for me, the whole point of keeping animals in captivity, keeping them there is vile. for me, it's about breeding animals and sending them home. we have released 50 of them back
7:38 am
in the wild. 20 offspring. as we said earlier, we've had over 130 gorilla births in england. that's the world record. it's all about breeding and sending them home and protecting them. we protect them in africa. we're very proud of the work that we do. if anyone is out there that wants to help, we need money to help these mans and help protect the wilderness that mankind is destroying. >> it's wonderful work that you do. again, however shocking it is to see that beautiful video, tansy aspinall, appreciate it. damian, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. let's turn now for a look at the weather. sam champion back. >> good morning, josh. we're going to start with pictures -- by the way, a lot of folks ask us do they get strong to severe thunderstorms in place like europe just like we do in the u.s.? we're going to show you some videos and pictures to show you gnat the answer is yes. take a look at the little boat on the bottom of the screen. yep. there you go right there. that's a big powerful shot right
7:39 am
there in montenegro. a very powerful strike of lightning just off the coast of albania there. we'll show you strong storms kind of moving north as we get to the center of the country as well. here comes that strong cold front. along that over the next 26 hours, a lot of strong storms. nice day in new england, but not so nice storm. take a look behind it. 46 degrees for the temperatures by the time we get to minneapolis on wednesday. >> all that weather was brought to you by petsmart. and it's josh, isn't it? >> it is. welcome to the program. make yourself at home. coming up, one of the
7:40 am
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♪ and we're back here at 7:43. you guys know twitter can get tricky, right? sometimes, you write something on twitter and it can be misconstrued. >> yeah. >> that's what we're talking about right now. superstar miley cyrus and her fiance. the singer said on tweet she wants more passion. and that is speculation that one of hollywood's hottest romances could be not. ♪ the seven things i hate about you ♪ >> reporter: remember this song? ♪ the seven things i hate about you ♪ >> reporter: now, the three tweets i hate about someone. on thursday, miley cyrus launched a twitter overshare. announces, ever feel like you want something more?
7:45 am
not sure, passion, perhaps? that tweet immediately raised eyebrows could she can be talking about fiance heartthrob liam hemsworth? ♪ you made me laugh you made me cry i don't know which side to buy ♪ >> reporter: and the tweets kept coming. sometimes, i feel like i like everyone more than they love me. hate that feeling. and then, thought of the day. maybe it's not that they love you less, they just love you the most they are capable of loving. >> it's important to keep in mind, miley is still a 19-year-old girl. so she's going to be going through the emotional trials and tribulations that any 19-year-old would. >> reporter: it has been an intense few weeks for the former "hannah montana" star. >> well, i have the scissors. >> reporter: just last week, a stalker was arrested outside her home. and the newly released photos showing this change. >> these are what i call stream of conscious tweets. and sometimes, these are best left unsaid to the public and
7:46 am
things better left in private to your family and loved ones, or not at all. >> reporter: but soon cyrus clears the air telling her 8 million followers, everything is just fine. tweeting, there is not trouble in paradise. just thoughts. ♪ and i want to be with the one i know ♪ >> reporter: and if those 140 characters weren't convincing enough, miley and liam were spotted hand in hand saturday night in a public show of unity. [ whimpers ]
7:47 am
7:48 am
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7:51 am
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and welcome to weather
7:56 am
central. the latest on the ultimate man battle. good morning i'm kristen sze today marks first anniversary of the occupy movement in san francisco occupy protesters are camped out at the bank of america building on california street. demonstrations are);1yplanned in san francisco and berkeley later today. they tried to block entrance to the new york stock exchange this morning. >> let's check in with mike. 10:00 inland, noon around the bay, never at the coast, a few pockets of sunshine. 48 napa, san rafael the rest of us in the 50s. 80s confined to fairfield, antioch and livermore rest of us in the 60s and 70s, cooler
7:57 am
tomorrow and wednesday day. >> grind 80 westbound from appian way into the macarthur maze earlier accident bay bridge toll cleared. now approaching the tolls backed through and into the maze. earlier accident westbound 580 jammed from the altamont pass. >> the news continues
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ ♪ it's always a good time and it is a good time in times square. oh, was the weather here in new york city -- >> gorgeous. >> gorgeous, this weekend. it has remained in honor of the return of sam champion to the program. >> did you notice it did get very beautiful when sam was back? >> you know, you guys have done the entire weather report right now. >> welcome back. >> george is away, hey, everybody, robin is off on her medical leave. we can see you between our toes as well, robin. we're delighted to have elizabeth vargas. >> thank you, it's delightful to be here. and we're going to get ready to have some fun. guess what, starting our
8:01 am
countdown to "gma's" party to the emmys, lara is hunting for the perfect -- i was told by sam i don't call it a dress, i call it a gown. that's where you as audience members come in. we're going to have the final three choices. you get to vote on which dress she wears on the red carpet. >> do you have a favorite? >> i don't. >> you're kidding me. >> well, joe zee from "el le" magazine, he brought over literally seven dresses of racks. we leave it to you, our "gma" viewers to help us out. we thought it would be a fun way to get everyone involved with the emmys. everybody likes to know what you're wearing. listen. we're not leaving josh out, everybody. we're also going to choose something that he might wear at the emmys. it's very small. let's try to guess what that might be. >> what could be in that box? >> oh -- >> did you just see it? >> i did.
8:02 am
>> we're going to -- >> whatever is in that box is all you're allowed to wear on the red carpet. >> thank you. also, ahead, usher's battle. he's speaking out for the first time about his family fight for custody of his two boys. he opened up to oprah about it. it's an interview you're going to want to stick around for. plus, we have brand-new pictures of katie holmes and suri. is life back to normal for the world's most famous 6-year-old? and david beckham versus george clooney. this is the ultimate sexy man battle. >> i think i need to get some -- >> wait till you see that. yeah. first, we got to turn to amy robach for the top developing stories of the morning. amy, good morning. good morning, guys. we begin with that would-be teenage terrorist. the fbi said he was determined to set off a bomb in chicago. adel daoud will face charges of trying to use weapons of mass destruction.
8:03 am
but that plan was foiled from the start. the bomb was a fake supplied by the fbi as part of a sting. and the mayor of chicago is threatening legal action to get those teachers back to school after they refused to end their week-long strike. both sides appeared to be coming to a deal but then the union said it needed more time to review that proposal. and violent protests have erupted in afghanistan and pakistan against the anti-muslim film produced in california. now the group hezbollah accusing the u.s. officials of protecting the film's producers. u.s. officials expect more protests but say the violence is leveling off. and mitt romney is launching a new defensive in a turnaround in the polls in a series of new ads. he'll be outlining his plans to turn the country around instead of criticizing president obama. and meantime today, the
8:04 am
president is addressing a key economic issue. he's filed a complaint with the world trade organization arguing that china is unfairly subsidizing exports hurting american jobs. and a hearing gets under way in that trial of sensational case of the so-called "fatal vision ""killer. former army doctor jeffrey macdonald was convicted of killing his wife and two children. and a health study shows that children are consuming on average 3,400 milligrams per day. that's 1,000 more than recommended. it's the equivalent to an extra big mac. now, as a result, 15% have slightly elevated or high blood pressure. and it was a record weekend at the box office, "resident evil: retribution." that's the fifth in the series taking the top spot, $21 million. but the big headline was the cult drama "the master" with
8:05 am
phil seymour hoffman and joaquin phoenix. and it's on five screens. >> i've been wanting to see that. since i heard the review and the buzz. >> good reviews. good morning, everybody. good morning, sam. so excited to see your gorgeous face. while suri cruise may be the world's most famous 6-year-old at the center of the high-stakes super stressful split between tom cruise and katie holmes this summer. brand-new pictures with mom it now shows that life looks like it's getting back to normal. mother and daughter going for an evening walk this weekend. we're guessing suri might have been filling mom in on important kid stuff like her first week as a first grader. and lady gaga with celebrity hat maker philip
8:06 am
tracy -- or tracy? >> was that actually one of those or smith? >> let's call it philip. >> we'll tell you that we had lots of controversy over the pronunciation. at the royal wedding people were mispronouncing. and lady gaga has put together in london for fashion week, tracy's spring 2013 show in a hot pink hat. >> wow. >> that is a hat. a hat dress. >> it's a show -- >> this is nothing though, compared to what tracy has masterminded. including the amazing -- the favorite that we all know and love is the one that beatrice wore. >> oh, yeah. >> -- prince william and kate's wedding this summer. that's when the name was getting mispronounced by people
8:07 am
including yours truly. and quarterback mark sanchez once told "gq," that his dream girl would have to help him win a super bowl. and this spring, better than ever, that has people -- >> sanchez? >> sanchez. i'm sorry, everybody. i'm sick. mark sanchez. >> you're completely congested. >> i am. >> i know. i know. >> can i just tell you all that mark sanchez and eva longoria are dating now. we're all very excited. he has been having a great season. though, they did not win yesterday -- >> who won that big game? >> it was the packers. >> it was pittsburgh steelers. >> steelers. yeah. >> oh. >> the lovers went on a date here in new york city over the weekend. maybe he was distracted. but he's -- she's ten years older than the qb, but you would
8:08 am
never know it by looking at eva longoria. and finally, no, this is not about being seat, josh elliott. this is over the world's sexiest man in a suit. >> as opposed to josh and sam here? >> well, they -- thank you so much. it's a totally unscientific poll out of britain that determined that the winner of the world's most sexiest man in a suit is david beckham. not george clooney. it was worth teasing all morning long. now, you know it. >> well, now -- well, he received some votes. he did. just in third. >> maybe three votes. maybe three votes. >> sam champion. >> i can't leave the desk. this is like this gorgeous swoopy super furniture. >> we already had our moment. when you were off running around with your month off there. >> i'm just seeing the desk. i'm loving it. >> a big desk.
8:09 am
let's get to the board. we'll show you exactly what's going on this morning. one or two things we'd like to show you. we're going to start with a live shot outside of new york city because it is beautiful today. so enjoy this day because tomorrow this rain spreads in the south. 74 in boston. there's that live shot from wabc the powerhouse in new york city, the television station. we also very warm temperatures. this is a little unusual. the curve going up above the northwest. seattle, portland, going into warm temperatures this time of year. going into the 80s and even the 90s. seattle, about 79 degree
8:10 am
>> and while i think weather was very special today, that was the best "pop news." >> thanks. wait till you see this morning's "morning menu," sam champion. here's a look at what we have coming up on the "gma" morning menu. usher speaking out for the first time about his custody battle. his big tell-all with oprah. we've got the details coming up on that. plus, "gma" wants to you pick what dress i will wear to the emmys. we're leaving it in your hands. our totally wonderful viewers. i trust you completely. and clint eastwood is speaking out about that solo chair stunt at the republican national convention. also, his new movie role. all of that coming up on "good morning america" live from times square. ♪
8:11 am
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in fact, over the last five years, no other energy company has invested more in the us than bp. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. today, our commitment to the gulf, and to america, has never been stronger. coming up, "gma's" party at the emmys is brought to you by audi, the official sponsor of the 64th annual emmy awards. ♪
8:16 am
usher speaking out for the first time about his family fight, battling with his ex-wife over custody of their two kids. well, the singer sat down with oprah to talk about it all in a very revealing interview. take a look. ♪ >> reporter: usher didn't hold back. >> i really felt we were friends. she made us enemies in a way that i could never understand. >> reporter: the r&b mega star opening up overnight on "oprah's next chapter" talking for the first time about his marriage, the tabloid headlines, and the emotional courtroom testimony fighting for custody of their son. >> that's when she started to swing and spit. >> were you frightened? >> it wasn't until i was on the stand that i cried, i realized this was an attack. >> were you in love?
8:17 am
>> yes. yes, i was in love. >> reporter: usher said while they may have moved too fast, he was crushed by the way people criticized their relationship. >> this is supposed to be the person that i feel i'm going to share the rest of my life with. and nobody is, you know, responding the way i'd like them to respond. >> reporter: but the singer said the relationship quickly soured and admitted he played a part. >> were you faithful to her? >> i was faithful in heart, but not all the way. >> reporter: he said until though tameka and he had divorced, he was devastated when 11-year-old kyle glover, foster son, from a previous marriage was killed in july after being hit by a jetsky. >> i miss kyle. >> was kyle a part of your marriage? >> a great part of my life. it hurts me to speculate that people said i and we at the funeral. i absolutely was at the funeral. >> reporter: usher now says he's focusing on being a better father for his own children. in august, a judge granted him full custody.
8:18 am
>> i've had the time of my life. >> reporter: and while he opens up about his personal life, it was this personal question that made even him blush. >> have you or do you make love to your own music? >> some way say this will be rather narcissistic but, yes. >> oh! >> do we need to know that? i don't know. well, we know now. we certainly wish usher the best. >> so you're wondering why i have my mini me here. kate and rebecca and kylie are here with me. we're kicking off the party with the emmys. josh and i are headed out to hollywood to cover the emmys. we're leaving what i'm wearing up to you, our trusty "gma" viewers. but first, we did a lead-out with the kids and of course, the one and only joe zee, creator of
8:19 am
"elle" magazine we narrow it down to three. take a look. >> i'm here on the streets of new york because i have a long list of showrooms and places to get so i can find the perfect emmy dress for lara spencer. >> i love that dress. it is so elegant. >> we always want her to have that. >> never want to see the pan of the audience and see someone drooling in this dress. you want them to be comfortable and look fabulous. >> badly mischka. i want her to look good in something that's strong. fashionable, on trend. feminine. gold could be phenomenal for her. we didn't want a strapless. >> lara, this dress is calling you -- hello. >> you are the woman who does the gowns. >> lara and i talked about maybe gold. i think this is maybe a nice alternative.
8:20 am
>> organza with feathers. >> definitely, definitely, definitely out of lara's comfort zone but i'm all about pushing people out of their comfort zones. all right. so let's pack it up and let's hit the road. lara, here we come. >> hi. joe, i love them! oh, my gosh, so many dresses. i don't want to be safe. >> safe is fine. >> i don't want to be safe anymore. >> i want to be joe zee. ♪ >> i have no idea how this one goes on -- there you are. i think this is not happening. >> it's a jigsaw puzzle. >> it's a jigsaw puzzle. >> the green one. >> guys what do you think? >> oh! >> looks very pretty. >> i think it's very flattering.
8:21 am
what do you think about the color? >> it's pretty. especially with the weather in l.a. >> i love the lines on the dress. i love the shine. >> i like it. >> i like it, too. >> is this still too vegas? >> a little bit, yes. >> hello! what do you think? >> i think that you are going to play scarlett o'hara. ♪ >> two thumbs up! >> i give this one a thumbs up. >> i like it. the colors, and all of this. >> here, high-five -- high-five -- no? oh! >> how's that? that could be amazing on. >> oh, it's totally couture. >> i'm going to have to be your train fluffer. this color is good for you. >> thumbs up. this is in the mix.
8:22 am
>> i think it should definitely be in the mix. >> i really like it. >> everybody else is here. i want to thank my trusty stylist. we've narrowed it down to three. number one. this is badly mischka. number two, is this is zac posen. amy's got number three. those are the three choices. we leave it up to the "gma" viewers. go to "good morning america" on yahoo! you will see all of the information. what about josh, are we voting for something? >> yeah, we're doing -- >> what are we doing? >> right here. >> right here. >> quickly, get over there. >> what? >> which socks should josh wear with his tuxedo? black, red or white -- >> white! >> no! >> make him wear the red ones or the stripes. red or stripes, not the boring black.
8:23 am
>> no, we're going with that. >> i've got to say, lara, i love all those gowns. they're beautiful. but that black one is stunning. >> well, i leave it up to the "gma" viewers. >> all right, you know where you can vote. go to on yahoo! and vote. be sure to tune in september 23rd starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern. for the emmy preshow. all right. now, to clint eastwood. he made headlines at the republican national convention talking to the empty chair. and now he's starring in his first movie in four years. it's the first time he was the director other than himself in the last two decades. he sat down with abc's nick watt to talk all about it. >> it's been a while. >> reporter: "trouble with the curve" is a touching portrait of a father/daughter relationship which masquerades as a baseball movie. >> you don't even like baseball. >> i love baseball. >> reporter: eastwood plays gus, a baseball fan with failing eyes and a sharp temper.
8:24 am
>> tell me you're not gus yourself. >> no, i'm not. but i can imagine how gus would be. >> i mean, he's kind of crotchety, doesn't seem to be embracing -- >> yeah, that is me. >> spending every waking moment with my dad -- >> reporter: amy adams is simply stunning as eastwood's daughter, an oscar nod surely coming her way. >> as he becomes more appreciative of her, she becomes more appreciative of him. >> reporter: in real life, eastwood has seven kid, the youngest, morgan, just 16. imagine trying to date "dirty harry's" daughter. are you armed when they show up at the door? >> yeah, they better be nice. my wife takes care of that stuff. she's much more stringent than i would be. >> reporter: eastwood's last
8:25 am
role, of course, guest star at the republican national convention. he addressed an empty chair as if it were president obama. >> i've got mr. obama here. what do you mean shut up? >> the polls suggest that people remember your speech and not mitt romney. >> well, i didn't try to upstage anybody. >> you wouldn't let the romney campaign know what you were going to say because you didn't know what you were going to say? >> no. >> when did you decide on what you were going to do, how you were going to do it? >> i saw everybody up there, they were all looking at teleprompters. i said i'm not going to do that. first place, i'm not very good at that. i didn't have my glasses with me so i wouldn't have been able to read it anyway. i was there, the guy said, do you want to sit down. i said, no. but that out by the podium. >> it was really like that? >> yeah, it was kind of like that. i thought i'd do this. anyway, everybody seemed to have a good time with it and that's all that matters. >> what do you want me to tell romney? i can't tell him that, can't do that to himself.
8:26 am
>> do you think you went too far at all? >> no. >> president obama said he's still a big fan of yours. >> you know, that's his bad judgment. no, actually, he's very charming to me. >> some people loved it, some people hated it. some people lampooned it. how do you feel? >> that's good. you're supposed to love it or hate it. i'm just expressing my feeling. >> reporter: and like his character, he just doesn't care what people think. >> there's something about the aging process that makes you give a crap less. >> is that true for you? >> maybe, i don't know. >> maybe. our thanks to nick watt for that interview. and coming up, cyndi lauper joins us live here in times square. don't go away.
8:27 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. beechwood school in menlo park is reopening this morning after a fire last book. we brought it to you first last thursday morning. flames at the school destroyed at -- the administrative offices. the fire department says the cause was a faulty kitchen appliance. >> right now let's see how your commute is going. tough monday from the peninsula north 101 multi-car accident blocking left lane traffic backed beyond candlestick park headed northbound. off the altamont pass slow into the dublin pleasanton area earlier over turn has things very slow. a mess heading to the bay bridge, earlier accident on
8:28 am
the incline long gone, but traffic is yammed. >> when will we se
8:29 am
marine layer 2,000 feet thick going to be hard to get rid of today. two to three degrees cooler than yesterday from the 50s to
8:30 am
near 60 coast san francisco 60s bay, 70s, 80s inland. two coolest days ♪ boy, i'll tell you, they are happy to have sam back here. i'll tell what you. it is terrific. it is great to be with all of you here in times square. george away, robin on her medical leave. happy to have elizabeth vargas along for the ride. >> it is very nice to be here and to dance along with one of my favorite songs from college "girls just wanna have fun." cyndi lauper is here live in times square. she's here to talk about her revealing new memoir, a television show that she's writing. >> we're looking forward to talking to her. >> also, we're going inside country music greatest bash.
8:31 am
from brad paisley to miranda lambert. >> and ladies and gentlemen, rachael ray is here! zucchini fritter cakes and steak and potato bobs. >> today's the big day, right? >> hd season 7. >> first now, to cyndi lauper, shall we? she's got one of the most distinctive voices. and she's telling a story in her new book "cyndi lauper, a memoir." first, here's a look at the hits that made her a household name. ♪ girls wanna have fun >> reporter: if we learned one thing in the '80s, it was that when the working day was done -- ♪ girls want to have fun fun girls ♪ >> reporter: time after time, cyndi lauper's hit made us crank up a boombox and sing along ♪ time after time >> reporter: the grammy-award
8:32 am
winning singer topped charts with hits like "all through the night" and "true colors." ♪ >> reporter: lauper released 11 albums and sold 14 million records. not one to rest on her laurels, lauper was in collaboration with one of the best blues artists. she teamed up with mega star lady gaga helping to raise money for aids awareness. now in her new book she reveals the details of ups and downs of stardom and her life as a pop superstar. >> one of my favorite albums in the world. "she's so unusual." here she is, cyndi lauper, your
8:33 am
book is terrific. it's very candid, you're very candid about even after "she's so unusual" that you struggled. >> yeah, it's an impression after you achieve great success that it's kind of redeeming, it's redemption, but it's actually not. you know. it was interesting. you know, i lived through it and every time i did, i thought to myself, well, keep going. it will make a good book, you know. finally got the right one. so i'm very excited about that. >> when you hear young artists like nicki minaj tell you that you are such a giant inspiration to them, how does that make you feel, the influence that you have? >> well, i'm inspired by the younger audience, too. i think is that it goes both ways. i think that what you leave behind as it gets translated to the younger artists, it inspires
8:34 am
you, too, you know. and you know, i love music, so i listen to whatever i can all the time. >> yeah. i love in your book, and i totally forgot this that you played a terrific role on "mad about you." i loved reading behind the scenes. i forgot that you were nominated for an emmy for that. >> i won the emmy. >> you won the emmy for that. how much difference is it being a music star to a superstar? >> it was paul rice's show. and his writers were fantastic. and they wrote words that sounded to me could have originated out of my head. you know, i still do stuff on "bones." i love that. >> in the book, you talk about backstage doing an ethel merman
8:35 am
impersonization. you were talking about your character of paul riser? >> well, married and then divorced. >> but her voice came through this funny backstage impersonization? >> yeah. the director turned around and says, that's her voice. and all of a sudden, she started to come to life. and as soon as i got rid of all the fear of not being good enough, you just relax into it. i think that the first time even -- yeah, the first time i was nervous about it. and the second time, i had so much fun. and that was the one i won the emmy for. but it was really them with that show, paul ricer, helen hunt. the wonderful directors that they had. i can't remember the director but he was awesome. >> let me ask you about deckland. all these years you've been giving us terrific music.
8:36 am
motherhood. 15-year-old son now? >> not yet, november. but you know, my husband is the strong arm of our family. so we have a peculiar kind of arrangement. but that's on the reality show. that will be aired in january. it's called "still so unusual. ." >> and the book is unusually delicious. congratulations on that. the reality show. also writing for kinky booth on broadway. >> reality show in october. and it comes to broadway april 4th at the hershfield. >> i just want to sing "girls wanna have fun." cyndi lauper, everyone. where's sam? >> that's the best description, unusually delicious.
8:37 am
i absolutely love it. >> debbie. >> okay. you got it? you got this mike? you got it? >> this one says "go bears." >> well, she's from chicago. >> all right. let's get to the boards. already. you're still in the family. one or two things we want to talk about. outside you're doors, your facebook and twitter picture as live for you this morning. daytona beach, a nice looking sky there. the skies in the southeast, watch that low, a tropical moisture around it, spreading heavy rain, powerful storms, particularly in red. behind the front, a swing through the country, there are cool temperatures. it may feel cool for you this morning, international falls. but look at tonight, low temperatures. 24 there. 24 already. and into the northwest, there's a lot of warmth headed your way. seattle, tacoma area into the
8:38 am
70s today. >> it's a lot of fun to watch the show from here. all the weather was brought to you by babies are. lara. >> all right. coming up on "good morning america," behind the scenes, country music's biggest party.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
and we're back with the biggest country music bash. it's the music festival tonight. it airs, features three hours of the hottest stars in country, including brad paisley, blake shelton, miranda lambert and our special correspondent, cameron mathison takes us behind the scenes. >> reporter: the country music fans, this is paradise. with a week of nonstop concerts,
8:42 am
photo ops and fun, nashville is the place to be. from luke bryan. ♪ take it from me girl >> reporter: to carrie underwood. ♪ >> reporter: to little big town. ♪ >> reporter: and brad paisley. it's a who's who of the best in the business. >> with 70,000 or 80,000 country fans that had to do whatever they had to get here. >> they see themselves in us, because we sing songs about them. their neighbors. the people that they work with. songs about life. avnsd it's real people. it's only fitting that we give back. >> if it weren't to them, we wouldn't be doing what we're doing. ♪ this is country music >> it represents something
8:43 am
important which is giving back to fans. >> reporter: just how do they give back? by rocking the house. ♪ turn it on turn it up ♪ and sing along >> reporter: artists like blake shelton. ♪ i should just drink on it put our heads together on it and drink on it ♪ >> why are country fans so special? >> i think there's probably a stronger bond in country music than there is in any other genre. as far as first of all, artists and their fans. but also among the artists. i mean, we're all buddies. >> reporter: so what can fans look forward to from him next, a chris magazine album. ♪ jingle bells jingle all the way ♪ >> i was impressed with of the fact that i didn't completely throw you off. >> me, too. you're way better than i thought. i love you.
8:44 am
>> and i love you. come on, hug it out. >> reporter: from jingle bells to barefoot blue jean night, jake owen with his new bride by his side treated us to a private acoustic session. ♪ >> ♪ whoa whoa whoa ♪ in the middle of a rock show whoa whoa whoa ♪ >> reporter: hosting tonight's special, kimberly perry of the band "perry." ♪ >> reporter: and luke bryan. >> when you're hosting, you can bring your energy to kind of set the tone for the feel of the stadium and then the feel of what people are watching at home. ♪ >> i recognize a lot of faces when we come here and play because it's a lot of people that go to our shows all across the country. >> it's one of the coolest festivals that there is, simply for the fact it's kind of all about the fans.
8:45 am
if it weren't for them, none of us would have a job. >> it's a country music party. >> nashville does it right down here. >> we just look forward to getting here, being in front of the fans. being able to tell them thank you, face-to-face. >> reporter: for "good morning america," cameron mathison, abc news, nashville. >> thank you, cam. you can see all the stars 8:00, 7:00 central right here on abc. coming up right
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
all right. get ready for a fall feast. our wonderful friend rachael ray is sheer just hours before her show kicks off for your seventh season today? >> i'm excited. it's the first show, a brand-new home. a brand-new set. first lady michelle obama is your first guest? >> the first lady is the first guest for the whole show. i'm so excited. >> wonderful. we're going to get to that in just a second. but today, you're starting with zucchini fritters. >> fritters is great dish because you can serve them for breakfast, lunch and dinner and put in all of your fall things. i have zucchini that i shredded or you can use butternut squash. >> any single vegetable?
8:49 am
>> one of flour, one teaspoon of baking powder. whisk together a cup of milk and one egg. and just you throw anything you like in there. we have herbs like mint, parsley and basil. a little parm cheese, zucchini, oni onion, it gets thrown in there. beat that baby. you need a pro. >> okay. >> you just throw that together and that's your base. then you can add your base whatever you like, like zucchini. i have a batter down. one cup flour. one egg. very, very simple. >> okay. >> then you shallow fry your batter in a little olive oil. and they're loosey-goosey. you cook them a couple minutes. >> they glob together?
8:50 am
>> they cook up. if you want to serve them with a brunch, top them with an over-easy egg. if you want to serve them for lunch or dinner, i take tomatoes. >> i think they're looking for fritters. >> i top them with stewed tomatoes and a little green oni onions. and you're done. >> that's it? >> that's it. >> now, you have a whole tailgating section? >> in this month's magazine, i'm a huge football fan. we have a pull-out for tailgaters. we have kabobs. whoopi pies. >> steak and potato kabobs. >> people take the tailgate way, way upscale these days. >> they do. >> but they're beautiful. >> there's vegetarian options. they're sweet, savory. it's a great pull-out guide. chili ten ways.
8:51 am
it's a great issue. those are baby whoopie pies down there. >> really? >> yeah. as in a pull-out. today, you've got michelle obama. >> we worked on that initiative together, the "let's move" campaign. we hid a healthy cheeseburger. and her, i call it "her" now because she makes a terrific avocado ranch dressing. we play carnival games. we have a great chat at the kitchen table. we had a blast. i hope everyone tunes in. excited to be back for our seventh year, everybody. just doesn't seem possible. >> congratulations on your huge success and your wonderful meal deal. and your first day with the first lady.
8:52 am
>> we're next door neighbors to you in a lot of cities so it's a big morning for us. thank you for starting out a really big
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
all right, america. we need your help, again, by me, i mean lara. vote for the dress she's going to wear as we host the emmy preshow. is it 1, is it 2, is it 3? >> if she keeps eating the fritters -- we might need a 5 and 6. >> do you have a favorite? >> i do have a favorite. >> but we're not going to share that. >> no. >> i love them all. but i like 3. >> i like 2. 2. hey, also, rachael ray's recipes can be found online at on yahoo! also, barbara walters is here.
8:56 am
and america's all-time favorite. >> thank you for watching! ♪
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning. san jose leaders are holding two meetings tonight first one at 6:30 hosted by the police union and other labor groups. on how to protect family and property. at 7:00, the city council holds a study session on response to crimes and gang activity. let's check in with mike. >> sun by 10 maybe noon at the bay not much at the coast. 50s at the coast, near 60 san francisco and half moon bay, 60s bay, 70s, 80s inland cooler tomorrow and wednesday. amtrak delay for capital corridor train two hours late, train 531 out of service use 533 for that. major accident 280 southbound


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